FinTech Strategic Buyer Landscape

by mike on April 6, 2013

I started my career in technology on Wall Street and now spend the vast majority of my time as a VC investing in FinTech. The sector has a vibrant and broad M&A ecosystem and with inspiration from investment bank Luma Partners, I put together a slide below on FinTech strategic acquirers. The major categories include (1) Payments, (2) Banking and SMB, (3) Wall Street, (4) Data and Wealth Management and (5) Insurance, Lending and Real Estate. The grouping above mainly helped me fit everything onto one slide and there are certainly companies that belong in multiple groups. There are also companies that I must have missed so please send in your feedback and comments. I hope you find it useful.

Update: I posted a new graphic below with better formatting, a few recent acquisitions and missing companies.

  • What is the meaning of strategic buyers? Is it from a VC's standpoint?

  • Companies that are actively acquiring Fintech startups

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