Google to Microsoft – We want corporate email!

by mike on July 12, 2007

Google announced a few days ago that they acquired Postini for $625 million in cash. Positini offers communications security as a hosted service (e.g. email, instant messaging). They have over ten million users across 35,000 businesses and block over a billion spam messages per day.

Postini was a likely 2007 IPO candidate so the acquisition was a bit unexpected (even with their partnership with Google). More importantly, it set the foundation for Google to battle Microsoft for corporate email. Google has Gmail for web-based email and now has Postini to address spam. They are also probably working on a rich internet application (RIA) version to overtake Outlook. They spent a lot of money on the acquisition demonstrating its importance to Google’s strategy.

I’ve listed below relevant Google acquisitions over the last several years. As you can see, email is only the beginning. They are coming for the entire enterprise.

Postini – Communications Security ($625m)
GrandCentral – VOIP ($45m)
Zenter – Presentation Software
GreenBorder Technologies – Desktop enterprise security
Marratech – Videoconferencing
Tonic Systems – Presentation
Xunlei – Network File Sharing
JotSpot – Website apps (wikis)
Upstartle – Word Processing (Writely)
Reqwireless – Web browser and mobile email
2Web Technologies – Web-based Spreadsheets
Neotonic Software – CRM

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