25 Twitter Uses

by mike on June 10, 2007

I’m not a big fan of Twitter and micro-blogging per se, but I do see major commercial potential across a variety of industries including healthcare and real estate, as well as, a new disruptive communications medium.

Here are my top 25 Twitter uses:

  1. Sales rep account updates while on the road
  2. Virtual team collaboration
  3. Meeting scheduling and notes
  4. Help desk support
  5. Micro-project management updates
  6. Traffic and delivery route condition updates
  7. Patient/family medical condition updates
  8. Doctor location and status updates
  9. Real estate agent location and showing updates
  10. Salesforce compensation (e.g. effectiveness, analytics)
  11. Real estate listing updates (e.g. changes in price, upgrades)
  12. Waiting/Emergency room conditions
  13. Targeted leads for sales reps (e.g. Joe is at his desk now)
  14. Micro-segments of news from reporters
  15. Classified listing update from local business owner
  16. Pizza delivery guy status update
  17. Class/lecture notes
  18. New product and feature announcements
  19. Reporting coverage for conferences and events
  20. Local sporting event scoring and play-by-play
  21. Local weather updates
  22. Restaurant and bar scene (e.g. wait times)
  23. Flight delays and schedule updates
  24. Micro-reviews (e.g. restaurant reviews)
  25. Promotions and deals (e.g. 2 hour ticket special)

Comments, suggestions? Send them in.

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