Ruby in NYC

by mike on April 25, 2006

Tonight I attended my first Ruby NYC meeting. The group is mainly techies and mostly Ruby or Rails programmers of varied skill levels. The group’s been around for a few years and has seen a spike in membership due to the recent Rails craze. I would say about 20-30 people attended. The format for the meeting was a recap of the recent Canada on Rails conference (a few people went) and a brief Ruby discussion for noobs. I found this event extremely valuable especially to someone who is working everyday with Ruby on Rails. There were numerous side discussions and tech tips (testing, design) during the meeting. I always enjoy hearing experiences others have had working with a technology, especially the details. Overall, the consensus in the room around Ruby on Rails seems to be very positive. They even have hackathons once a month (I think). That’s awesome!

On a side note, it seems like there are a ton of companies looking for Ruby programmers. Just at this meeting, there must have been at least 5 or 6 people mentioning they are hiring. Mostly startups, but a few established players.

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