NJ Tech Meetup – 1st Event Recap (4/20/06)

by mike on April 20, 2006

So, we had our first NJ Tech meetup today at Harvest Moon Brewery in New Brunswick, NJ. We had about 9 people in attendance. In the group we have a great mix of experiences and industries such as pharma, finance, marketing, digital media, photo/video, manufacturing and mobile just to name a few. The one hiccup was that the atmosphere was a bit loud and it was tough hearing everyone speak.

We did have a good discussion around the state of social networking. One thing that surprised me was I’m the only one on MySpace and I barely use it. LinkedIn seemed kind of popular – although the crowd was split on steady usage. There were some good points around the differences between social networking sites and communities. Although there are similarities and overlap between the two, there were a few key points on their differences. For example, LinkedIn doesn’t really have a community feel to it. We also touched upon mobile content and MVNOs (e.g 7-Eleven, ESPN).

Also, thanks to Stan for bringing his PowerBook and demoing Toonamation. Toonamation is python application / library that can be used for a variety of different photo and video customizations (e.g. cartoon-like features). It seems like there are many potential applications and avenues for something like this. Could be used for marketing presentations, video editing software or as an add-in to existing services like Flickr, YouTube, or Photobucket. Great stuff!

Looking forward to the next one. Oh, and I definitely won’t forget my camera next time.

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